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Your DUI Case Is Really Two Cases for One Arrest

Many people do not realize until it is too late that a Washington State DUI arrest creates not one but two separate cases. Not only do drivers have to deal with criminal prosecution in the criminal courts, but they also have a simultaneous case with the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL).

At Veitch Ault Defense, we understand the ins and outs of Washington State DUI cases and how to defend you and your best interests. We will fight for your right to a fair trial, ensure all your legal documents are processed correctly and on time, and will help you uphold your rights throughout the duration of your case. Our Lynnwood DUI Defense Attorneys & King County DUI Defense attorneys have helped over a thousand clients successfully resolve their cases throughout Washington and look forward to doing what we can for you.

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What Happens After A DUI Arrest?

After being arrested for a DUI, the state’s Department of Licensing (DOL) initiates an immediate suspension action against your driving privileges completely independent of your court case.

A police officer should give you a DOL Hearing Request Form at the time of your arrest and release. You must request a DOL hearing within seven days (including holidays and weekends). However, if the seventh day falls on a weekend or holiday, the following weekday would be the deadline.

If you do not request your hearing promptly, your license will be automatically suspended or revoked. If you do not prevail at the DOL hearing, your license will be automatically suspended or revoked even though your criminal case has not concluded. If you had a valid license before your arrest, you can keep driving while the outcome from your DOL hearing and the criminal court is pending.

The DOL hearing will take place over the phone between a Department of Licensing hearing examiner and you and your attorney, though you may be able to request an in-person hearing under certain circumstances. In most circumstances, the DOL hearing will occur within 60 days of your arrest.

About Redmond, Washington


Redmond is a city located in King County, Washington, United States, part of the Seattle metropolitan area. It is known for being the home of tech giant Microsoft, which has its headquarters in the city. Additionally, Redmond is also home to several other tech companies, making it a hub for the tech industry. The city has a population of around 65,000 people and offers a mix of urban and suburban living. Redmond is also known for its parks and recreational facilities, including Marymoor Park, which is a popular destination for outdoor activities and events.

Overall, Redmond, Washington is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers its residents and visitors a mix of urban and suburban lifestyles, a strong economy, and a high quality of life.

Redmond, Washington has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. The area was originally inhabited by the Snoqualmie Tribe and was used for hunting, fishing, and gathering. In 1870, the first white settlers arrived in the area, and the town was officially incorporated as a city in 1912.

In the mid-20th century, Redmond experienced significant growth as a result of the booming aerospace industry in the Seattle area. During this time, many people moved to Redmond to work in the aerospace industry, and the city experienced a period of rapid expansion.

Redmond DUI Courts

If arrested for DUI by a City of Redmond police officer, in King County District Court-Redmond Division, located at 8601 160th Ave NE in Redmond. In years past one of the sitting KCDC-Redmond judges would preside over City of Redmond cases. However, as of April, 2022, each of the sitting judges started hearing City cases. We know these courts and how hard the prosecution can fight. Therefore, we highly recommend retaining legal representation well before your first hearing even begins. Feel free to contact us to learn more during a free, no-obligation case evaluation.
One arrested for DUI in Redmond is wise to contact Veitch Ault Defense immediately to ensure they provide themselves the best opportunity to fight the charge.

What Are The Penalties For DUI In Redmond, Washington?

DUI penalties can include:

First DUI Offense (Or No Prior DUI Offense In The Last 7 Years)

If this is your first offense ever or in more than seven years and your breathalyzer result is .15% or less, the penalties you can expect include:

  • A minimum of one day in jail OR 15 days of Electronic Home Detention
  • $990.50 or more in fines with a statutory assessment
  • 90-day license suspension
  • SR-22 insurance required for three years
  • Probationary driver’s license for five years after reinstatement
  • Probation monitoring by the court for up to five years
  • Ignition interlock for a minimum of 1 year (with 6-month compliance required for removal)
  • Alcohol evaluation and treatment as determined by the court

If you test .15% BAC or higher or if you refuse to take a breath test, you can expect:

  • At least two days in jail OR 30 days of Electronic Home Detention
  • A fine of at least $1,245.50
  • One-year license revocation for breath test over .15%; two-year revocation following a refusal
  • Alcohol evaluation and treatment as determined by the court
  • Ignition interlock for at least one year
  • Probation monitoring by the court for up to five years
  • Probationary driver’s license for five years after reinstatement
  • SR-22 Insurance for three years

Second DUI Offense (Or One Prior DUI Offense In The Last 7 Years)

Like first offense DUI charges, the penalties for a second arrest can vary depending on how high your BAC (blood alcohol content) is at the time of your test and whether you refused to take a breathalyzer.

Penalties may include:

  • A minimum of 30-45 days in jail and 60-90 days of Electronic Home Detention OR 4-6 days in jail and 180 days of Electronic Home Detention
  • A minimum of $1,245.50 – $1,670.50 in fines
  • Probation monitoring by the court for up to five years
  • Probationary license for five years after reinstatement
  • SR-22 Insurance for three years
  • Two-year license revocation if you blew .15% or over; three-year license revocation if you refused to take a breathalyzer
  • And more

Third DUI Offense (Or 2 Prior DUI Offenses In The Last 7 Years)

Penalties for a third offense can include:

  • At least 90-120 days in jail AND 120-150 days of Electronic Home Detention
  • A minimum $2,095.50 – $2,778 fine with statutory assessment
  • Ignition interlock for up to 10 years
  • Probation monitoring by the court for up to five years
  • Three-to-four-year driver’s license revocation
  • Probationary license for five years after reinstatement
  • SR-22 Insurance for three years
  • And more

Our Team is On Your Side

If arrested for DUI in the City of Redmond by a Redmond Police Department (RPD) officer, the charge will be filed by the city attorney’s office, and a summons will eventually be sent to a mailing address associated with the arrestee. Barring the existence of a prior DUI or blood having been drawn on the date of arrest, a first court date will likely occur within four to six weeks from the date of arrest. The City of Redmond matters is handled in King County District Court, located at 8601 160th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052. The two judges hearing matters in the court are Judge Michelle Gehlsen, Judge Kevin Peck, and Judge E. Rania Rampersad. The City Attorney’s Criminal Division designates four to five attorneys responsible for prosecuting matters for the city. The City of Redmond vigorously pursues alcohol-related driving offenses.

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