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"I’ve always believed that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. It’s with that passion for the law and commitment to excellence that I’ve built my career by defending my clients’ rights while also providing trusted guidance and reassurance when they need it most. I take pride in the confidence you place in me and my responsibility to serve as your advocate." - Attorney Robert J. Ault

Veitch Ault is a Super Lawyer For DUI In King County, WA
Selected As A WA State Super Lawyer For The Past 7 Years In A Row (Only 5% Of Attorneys In Each Practice Area Are Selected).

Rob began his legal career during law school while working in the King County Prosecutor’s Office for Victim Assistance. Since graduating from the Seattle University School of Law, he has specialized in defending those accused of criminal charges. Before practicing with Veitch Ault Defense, Rob worked at the Association of Attorneys for the Accused, providing representation for all types of criminal charges. Rob then entered private practice, where his primary focus has been defending those accused of DUI and other serious criminal offenses.

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For a free consultation to discuss your pending case or other legal matters, please call us any time at 425-452-1600 or complete our online contact form. Our attorneys will explain the entire process surrounding your charge and remove the fear and uncertainty regarding your arrest. Our team should be your first call if you need a top-rated, dedicated, and responsive DUI/DWI or criminal defense attorney. If success in your legal matters is your only option, we hope that you will place your trust in top-rated Washington State DUI attorney Robert Ault.  

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Best lawyer that I could have asked for. Smart individual, knows what he's doing and has a lot of experience. Helped me through the entire process, his honesty did truly help and made sure the best possible did come out of the case. Professional and I would recommend his services to anyone and I have.
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Rob is great to work with. Intelligent, resourceful and caring. He ended up getting the charges reduced to a lower offense. He has a great working relationship with the local courts. Highly recommend him to anyone who needs good representation.
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Robert is an excellent lawyer . He is also very communicative and guided me through the entire confusing process of the legal system. I was facing 2 new duis in a short timespan and a violation of a deferred prosecution. 3 total charges . He helped me resolve this issue by negotiating my new duis into reckless driving charges. I highly recommend him.
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I received a DUI for an interesting situation and Rob helped me through everything. Not only would he call to give me updates, but was also hands on with seeing how my personal life was. Rob makes time for people even when he’s packed with work, and somehow manages to keep calm and collected through it all. If you’re looking to hire a lawyer I would recommend Rob to anyone.
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I was referred to Robert by another attorney when looking to see if he could help with a situation I found myself in. I made a terrible mistake and a bad choice during a difficult time in my life and the result left me feeling at the end. In my initial meeting with Robert he not only talked me off the ledge but he got me started down the path of resolving the issue. Despite the situation, and the absolutely terrible set of circumstances I presented him with, Robert was able to compartmentalize and put a plan of action into place. Robert had a real belief in me as an individual and treated me as such. He was kind, thoughtful, intelligent and understanding. I left the initial meeting with a feeling of some hope and not quite so bad about myself personally. Robert then worked tirelessly to get the best possible result imaginable and made it happen. I had to put my work in at his instruction and everything asked of me was both beneficial personally and toward the resulting outcome. Great service like this does not come without a price tag but is was the best money I have spent in a long while. Part of making a mistake is owing up to it and it does come with a cost. The resulting conclusion of my case has allowed me to move forward with my life in a positive manner and I owe that to Robert. I have never endorsed a professional in my life before this point but having been referred to Robert I feel it is important that I pass on my experience so that others may share in the same good fortune. Consider paying it forward. If at any point you find yourself in the need of a professional in Robert's line of work I cannot urge you enough to contact him and at least have the initial meeting. I am confident you will find that I need a caring individual who is exceptional at what he does. Thank you.
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Robert James Ault is a good person who defies the lawyer stereotype. This is someone you want in your corner. He cares and will do everything in his power to help you. Without judgment of whatever circumstances led you to needing his council. I'm not anticipating I'll ever need him again, but if I do he is my first and only call.
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I was referred to him from a family friend, I spoke with him and he was very honest and upfront about the process. As soon as I got an official court date I called him and hired him immediately. He went through all the reports, all witness statements and was able to contact or see the opinions of all parties involved. This led to a dismissal of the case after he began to question the prosecutor about the holes in stories and put pressure on them. He is a very tactical and also intelligent attorney. Very highly recommended.
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Robert helped me with some minor infractions that the prosecutor wanted to turn into a big deal. Rob handled things with amazing professionalism and did not let them play their games. Worth every penny, I would recommend him to a family member without any hesitation.
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Robert Ault is one of the most assuring guys in his field. He made me feel like more than just a client while working with him through my case. Very straightforward and non judgemental. If you want a lawyer who both works hard, and has credentials to back it up Robert Ault should be amongst the first that you consider.
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Hiring this attorney to represent me after I made a poor decision. Was definitely the best decision I made all year, and clearly the best option for my life going forward. I could not have asked for a better attorney. He has definitely left an impression on my life and I am forever grateful to have found him. This guy is the best out period.
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Rob was very knowledgeable about the law and came up with a good game plan to defend me against my arrest. He also knew what the prosecutors were going to try and do which definitely aided in my defense.
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We hired Rob to defend us in a DUI case. We were hoping to get the charges/penalties reduced. That wasn't going to be enough for Rob. No. Rob was able to get all charges dismissed. No penalties imposed. I will strongly recommend Rob to anyone I know who is charged with a DUI without hesitation.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Selected As Super Lawyer For The Past 7 Years In A Row

Successful Defense of Hundreds of DUI Cases

7 years as Super Lawyer

NHTSA training in both DWI Detection/Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (FST) along with Advanced Roadside Impairment Detection Enforcement (ARIDE)

Your First Initial Consultation Is Free

Dedicated to the Highest Level of Advocacy on Behalf of Their Clients

Each client is given their attorney’s personal cell phone # and can reach out at any time

The experienced criminal and DUI lawyers at Veitch Ault Defense maintain an exceptional legal practice handling Washington DUI/DWI and criminal matters. With a relentless pursuit in fighting for their clients, our attorneys constantly monitor the latest laws, science, and local issues that relate to DUI and criminal defense in the state of Washington. We are well informed of all major developments that can potentially affect your court case or driver’s license and the various suppression issues that have led to the successful defense of over 1,000 DUI cases in King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County, and all cities within.

Robert J. Ault Has A Superb 10.0 Rating On Avvo With 100+ Reviews.

Regardless of the jurisdiction of the incident, a highly skilled criminal or DUI/DWI attorney is necessary to help you navigate the criminal justice system, including the complexities of Washington’s tough drunk driving laws. The attorneys at Veitch Ault Defense have been consistently recognized as being at the forefront of Washington State DUI litigation and routinely obtain outstanding resolutions for our clients. With our main office located in Bellevue and a satellite office in Lynnwood, the attorneys at Veitch Ault Defense handle cases throughout all of Western Washington.

Award-Winning Law Firm

When you hire Veitch Ault Defense, you deal one-on-one with your own lawyer rather than getting passed on to a Junior Attorney. In addition to reaching the resolution most favorable for our clients, we feel responsible for our clients’ peace of mind along the way as well. Every one of our clients is given their attorney’s personal cell number and is told to call, text, or e-mail any time they have questions. If your lawyer can’t get back to you right away for any reason, you will hear back within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Our attorneys are certified in administering the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Field Sobriety Tests (FST). They have been trained in the process and scoring of the physical tests you may have had to perform. Unless these physical tasks—which are designed for failure—are administered properly, their validity is “compromised.” Thus, the smallest details regarding these tests can be of utmost importance. Additionally, our attorneys have successfully completed the NHTSA ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impairment Detection Enforcement) course. While some Washington State law enforcement officers have received this training, only a limited number of DUI defense attorneys in the State have successfully completed the training. Contact us now so we can start investigating your case right away!

Veitch Ault is Dedicated To Exceptional DUI, DWI, & Criminal Defense
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Not necessarily. The vast majority of DUI cases do not go to trial. Whether or not your case will go to trial depends on far too many factors to list here.

As of January 1, 2009, anyone suspended for a DUI arrest or conviction is eligible for an "IGNITION INTERLOCK LICENSE." Further, one may be eligible to drive an "employer-owned vehicle" for work purposes if they apply for an "Employer Exemption."

Possibly. In the state of Washington, even if your reading is below the legal limit or there are no alcohol results, the police and prosecuting attorney will proceed if they believe that there is sufficient evidence to show that even though your alcohol concentration was below the legal limit, that your ability to drive was appreciably affected by alcohol, thus charging you with a DUI. This opinion will be based upon the officer's observations and the tests they conducted. Remember, the officer arrested you because they felt that your ability to drive was impaired, so DUI charges may still be a very real possibility.

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