Washington State Ignition Interlock Law

What are Ignition Interlock Licenses?

Traditional occupational licenses are a thing of the past in Washington State. The only license now available for those with a DUI-related license suspension is an “Ignition Interlock License.” Even refusals and people with multiple convictions will be able to get a new type of license called an “Ignition Interlock License (IIL),” which upon application, allows you to drive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any reason without restriction if they file proof of interlock installation and SR22 insurance. (There is an exception for work vehicles so that you won’t need to have an ignition interlock on them if your employer provides the DOL with a declaration). The DOL has information on their website at http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/iil.html on how to apply. Ignition Interlock Licenses are available if your license has been suspended administratively by the DOL for a DUI arrest, or if the suspension is the result of a DUI-related conviction. An IIL allows you to drive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without limitation (not just work).

To receive an IIL, you must apply with the Department of Licensing (http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/iil.html). There is a $100 fee for the application and a monthly fee of $20 to help defray the cost for indigent citizens. You will also need to have an ignition interlock on any vehicle you drive and SR 22 insurance before you can apply.

As far as where to get your interlock device, many companies lease these; however, it is highly recommended that you consult your attorney for recommendations.

Should I still request an administrative hearing under RCW 46.20.308 within 7 days from the notice? And if I do, can I still apply for an IIL?

  • Absolutely. An experienced DUI attorney should be able to tell from the discovery process in your case if you are likely to prevail at the hearing, and even if you have the hearing and fail to reverse the suspension, you are still eligible for the IIL. However, once you apply for the IIL, you will lose the right to any further challenge to the suspension.

When should I request an IIL?

  • You should consult with an attorney immediately after your arrest and be sure to request an administrative hearing within 7 days of receiving a notice of suspension/revocation.

Will I need an ignition interlock on my work vehicle?

  • Not necessarily. An Employee Exemption can allow one to drive an “employer-owned vehicle” without an Ignition Interlock Device so long as one’s personal vehicle has an Ignition Interlock Device and an additional application is submitted/accepted.

How long will I need to have an IIL?

  • If one wishes to drive during the entirety of their suspension/revocation, they will need IIL for the entirety of the suspension.

What happens if I violate the terms of my IIL?

  • Violation of the terms of an IIL license is a criminal offense and can be punishable by up to 6 months in jail and up to a $250 fine.

I have a Commercial Driver’s License. Can I drive my commercial vehicle with an IIL?

  • NO. Unfortunately, Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL’s) are not covered by the IIL law.

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