Protecting Your License After A Washington DUI Arrest

Washington DOL Forms

The Washington State Department of Licensing currently accepts only cash or personal checks for payment of licensing and renewal fees that are associated with the forms contained on this page. They do accept credit cards if renewing via the Internet for vehicle, vessel, and business license renewals. Please print all forms on white paper to help the DOL process them in a timely manner.

Every person in the state of Washington that is arrested for DUI and gives a breath or blood sample over .08, (.02 for minors and CDL operators) or who refuses to take the Draeger breath test or blood test, will automatically have their privilege to drive suspended or revoked. (See penalties section for details) In the state of Washington, even if your criminal charge of DUI is never filed, or is ultimately dismissed, the Washington State Department of Licensing will still administratively suspend or revoke your license. You must take important steps to challenge these automatic suspensions within 7 days of any notice of suspension or these suspensions/revocations will take effect without any further notice (and without any further ability to challenge them). At Veitch Ault Defense, we give our clients very detailed and explicit instructions on “how, when, and why” to send these hearing requests in, to maximize your chances of success.

Dealing with the Department of Licensing may be the most difficult and unpleasant aspect of the entire DUI process. The Department of Licensing uses evidentiary standards totally different than any criminal court and sustains the suspension/revocation actions statewide more than 80% of the time. Unlike with the courts and prosecutors, your personal hardships, lack of criminal history, and contributions to the community will have no impact on the Department of Licensing. In most Department of Licensing cases, only an aggressive and experienced attorney has any hope of winning these difficult cases. Given the serious ramifications of a DUI offense, it is of the utmost importance to obtain legal representation from a law firm with attorney expertise in dealing with both the criminal charges and the administrative hearings.

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