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Calculate Your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC)

alcohol in the bloodstream. A BAC of .05% means the person has .05 grams of alcohol for every 100 mL of their blood.

As the liver metabolizes alcohol (at a rate of about one standard drink per hour), the BAC level drops unless more alcohol is consumed. A person’s BAC is either measured with a breathalyzer, or by analyzing a blood sample. As the top DUI attorneys, we scrutinize every aspect of the BAC and make sure the tests are given correctly.

  • Fluid Ounces Consumed (Beer ~ 12 oz. Wine Glass ~ 4 oz. 1 Shot ~ 1.5 oz)
  • Your Weight (lbs)
  • Alcohol Percentage in Beverage (Beer ~ 4-4.5% Wine ~ 15-20% 1 Shot ~ 30-50%)
  • Hours Spent Drinking

This table is to be used for entertainment purposes only. *

Factors Affecting Your BAC

The more a person drinks, the higher their BAC results will be. Two different people, who consume the same amount of alcohol, may have very different BAC results. Below is a list of some of the variables that are determining factors of your BAC.

  • Body Size: A smaller person will have a higher BAC than a larger person because the alcohol is concentrated in a smaller body mass.
  • Empty Stomach: Someone with an empty stomach will reach a higher BAC sooner than someone who has just eaten a meal. Food in the stomach slows down the rate at which alcohol passes into the bloodstream.
  • Body Fat: People with a lot of body fat tend to have higher BACs because alcohol is not absorbed into fatty tissue, and the alcohol is concentrated in a smaller body mass.
  • Female: After drinking the same amount of alcohol, a woman will almost always have a higher BAC than a man.

Because of these variables, counting the number of standard drinks you consume can only give a rough guide to your BAC.

* DISCLAIMER: The results generated by the BAC Calculator are rough estimates of an average healthy person’s BAC assuming typical beverage sizes, recipes, and alcohol content. The BAC estimates generated by the BAC Calculator should not be used to infer anyone’s fitness to work, drive or perform any other task or duty and is for entertainment purposes only.

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